HACHill Eyewear

HACHill is a fashion eyewear brand based in Hong Kong. HACHill is popular in Hong Kong, Asia and European countries as well. Our aim is to revamp the website with online shop function. To encourage social interaction, an Instagram grid is embedded on the front page to engage eyewear lovers and to reinforce brand loyalty.


Logo Inspiration

The brand name is inspired by Cantonese pronunciation of “sunglasses” 黑超。To bring out Hong Kong local flavour of the brand at the same time being international, brand logo helps a lot – it is a blend of east and west. While the logo is flipped 90 degree to the left, it represents a Chinese character “黑”

IG mini project

We carried HACHill lovely eyewear to POHO, Sheung Wan, and took a series of IG photos. The design elements resonate with locality of the hip neighbourhood.

What HACHill says

「合作過程非常愉快及順利,Provoke 團隊用心聆聽我們每個需求,整個網頁設計比我們預期中好!售後跟進亦非常貼心!我們非常喜歡這種合作關係!」

- Jennifer @ HACHill