We the Provoke as tea lovers, are happy to create the Instagram campaign for Kaorisabo, a Japanese tea shop that sells Bizen and tea-wares in Central.


A taste of Zen

“Emptiness” is a core concept in Japanese design. Tea-wares are lucid cultural representations of zen spirit. In this series of photos, we try to convey a sense of emptiness through tea ceremony.

Studio Set Up

Unlike we usually do, this series of Instagram photos were set up at the studio. With high-contrast lighting to create tranquility between the environment and the objects.

What Kaorisabo says

幸得本身也喜歡茶的The Provoke 圑隊協助,令香茶房 Kaorisabo 在 開發 instragram 宣傳時,吸引了不少愛茶人注目。日本茶道及茶具,不少人都感到有興趣,但又未必有深入認識。難得嗜好多元化的 The Provoke 圑隊能理解本茶房的銷售特色,更能藉攝影與文字,表達到日本茶道那種「侘寂之美」,在 instagram 上吸引了世界各地 tea lovers 對本公司產品之興趣。在此感謝他們!

- Mary Okada @ Kaorisabo