Siumoon is a lifestyle concept store that curates handcrafts and beautiful things. The brand is inspired by Chinese agricultural calendar 小滿. To bring out the brand character, we partner with a local artist to create a traditional stamp for Siumoon logotype.

Handcrafts are small and beautiful things that city dwellers can enjoy after a long busy working day, even just by merely looking at them. We create a clean and quiet atmosphere deliberately for this online store, so that people can relax and recharge by viewing those handcrafted things.


Siumoon is a group of pottery makers, a community who love handcrafted and beautiful things. The website serves not only online selling platform but also a virtual place for gathering and exchanging ideas.


To understand how a pottery is created (and out of curiosity), we became an overnight volunteer to help with the wood firing process. The hard work paid when we saw brand new pieces were born out of the firing place!