The Provoke

Yes, this is us! No example is better than we show you how we walk through. As a team, The Provoke becomes more mature, in terms of design concept and execution, than it was. As individuals, we are social experiments of work-life style Рhow to live a meaningful and balanced life through creativity and technology.

We would like to show you our footprints.

brand development 1.0

This series of photos are staged for the first The Provoke website. As we’d like to give the audience a general sense of our style and how we are working, we create the atmosphere by using the stationery we use everyday.

think and manifest

Our inspirations come from people and things surrounding us everyday. We hope to show people the story behind how entrepreneurs cultivate love and care to their products or services, that can pass warmth to people’s hearts.

We want to say

“Be honest and do what you love.”

- The Provoke Team