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We PROVOKE you to think internationally and TRANSFORM your ideas to create illuminating and lasting impact, one provocative moment at a time.

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Whether you are an individual or a company who shares the same values and vision as us and believe you can benefit from being part of a platform of network and resources, please contact us at info@provokegroup.com.  We would love to hear from you.

Bonnie, Lester, Rene are three ridiculously curious individuals who founded PROVOKE based on one simple philosophy — to become a creative design gateway to global markets. Whether you are a start up in China wanting to expand into the US markets, or an Austrian skincare brand seeking collaboration with Korean cosmetic companies, or a Japanese food company exploring the South African markets, we are your partner and ally, journeying from start to destination with you, supporting you to charter confidently into the global markets. We want to maximise our creative gifts and merge it with 60+ years of combined marketing and business experience to provide bespoke solutions that create illuminating, positive and lasting impact.


Based in Los Angeles sunny California is in her 30 somethings, is a visionary; in the forefront of her mind she is always thinking about how to create maximum impact across all borders and markets. She has an intuition for opportunities and is able to PROVOKE people’s curiosity while remaining compassionate under all circumstances.


Residing in Tung Chung urban Hong Kong, is in her 30 somethings, loves everything beautiful and tasteful, literally and figuratively. A lover of design, photography, food, travel, and dogs, her creative mind and natural gift for a sense of aesthetic beauty is the driving force behind Provoke’s TRANSFORMATIONAL solutions.


Neighbours with Bonnie in Hong Kong is in his 40 somethings. He has minimal tolerance for abnormality and dis-organisation. He keeps the PROVOKE team in check and ensures all project management and timelines are in impeccable order. After all, Lester is a traditional British name which stands for “Walled City”. True to his name, he makes sure we have delivery capabilities spanning beyond the perceived impossibilities of handcrafting the Great Wall of China; promising truly TRANSFORMATIONAL solutions and products for all of our stakeholders.


CO-FOUNDER Problem solver
Initially a documentary, travel and lifestyle photographer, Eliza is a born visual thinker. Her capacity to see things from different perspectives makes her an outstanding story teller and a problem solver. Successful track-record in steering communication campaigns and annual fundraising events for the business and community partners.


Loves to create content, which is the core of buzzing the world of social media. She is based in Holland. With her academic background in new media and years of know-how, Maggie defines and creates the perfect social media approach for your company.


Loves all beautiful things and is constantly seeking for new challenges. Her education is in luxury management in Milan and she is now based in Shanghai, focusing on China digital strategy and social media communications. She has enormous experiencing serving clients across the beauty, wine, and luxury industries. She is able to PROVOKE your business into the China market and create TRANSFORMATIONAL experiences and solutions.


A British educated coffee lover who is constantly inspired by coffee shops around street-corners with a belief of Community Economics. Her secret desire is to become 21st Century Chinese version of Wonder Woman who gives back to the community and her country. She is based in Shanghai and is a highly proactive millennial who loves to adapt everything creative and combine it with intelligent technology into marketing solutions, while maintaining critical thinking about strategies and solutions in business development processes in order to deliver design gateways to global markets.


Loves everything that is abstract, conceptual and unique. She adores usage of colors, lines and geometries to create something memorable. Ultimate minimalist. “I believe design can be powerful, powerful enough to transform one’s spirit and soul”.


Has years of expertise in custom programming and complete systems design and development. Raymond offers a software solution based on the assessment and increasing efficiency plus minimizing manpower and cost.

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